20 Years of Fandom

Happy Hanson Day! More years to come!!!

Happy Hanson Day! More years to come!!!

HDAY 2017!!!

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Talking about time is always a scary thing because it flies so fast.  Literally, it goes so quickly!  Why time seems to move so much faster, huh?

When I discovered Hanson through my sister in summer of 1997, it seems like it was only yesterday.  I swear!

Surprisingly, the moment was so vivid that I still can imagine myself singing at the top of my lungs while listening to Middle of Nowhere cassette tape.  I still can imagine that particular scene when I saw the MMMBop music video on MTV channel for the very first time.  I still can remember the excitement and happiness when I got to hold of our first Bop Magazine, which had Isaac, Taylor, and Zac’s beautiful faces on the cover.

Clearly, I have a massive emotional attachment with this band.  While some of my relationships had to end, my relationship with Hanson has been always strong.

To celebrate this unforgettable milestone, I gathered my friends in the name of Hanson on Hanson Day.

Here’s the proof:

Fansons in 2017

LR: Beverly, Kristel, Laarni, Maribeth, Sarah, Minolah

I love you, Hanson.  It will never change.

xoxo, laarni

Outfit of the Day Details:
S Shirt from Company B; 25ins/US4 Regular Waist Shorts from H&M; 7.0 Floral Tiva Sneaker Shoes from FILA in white laces; Shoulder/Adjustable Strap Bag from Michaela; and some jewelry.

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