What’s a Tampon?

What's a Tampon?

What’s a Tampon?


What’s a tampon?  What is the use of tampons?  Why do women use tampons?  A tampon is a feminine hygiene product that is capable of taking in the menstrual flow by lightly inserted into the vagina during the time of the month.

Are tampons easy to use?  Yes but it all depends on the design and packaging as some applicators are more effortless to insert than others.

There are two popular applicators: Made of plastic and made of cardboard — some women prefer the plastic tipped ones that are smooth and have anti-slip grip for painless tampon insertion.

Cora Organic Cotton Tampon

Cora Organic Cotton Tampon


What tampons made of?  Tampon’s materials are usually made of rayon and cotton.  There are also brands of tampons like Cora that sells organic cotton tampons, which are made from only 100% cotton — No rayon, polyester, synthetics, or insecticides…ever!

Do tampons come in sizes?  Yes!  Knowing your flow, on how much you are bleeding and how many times you are able to change them are the usual things you need to consider on choosing the best size for you.

For your reference:
Junior/Light absorbency
Regular absorbency
Super absorbency
Super Plus absorbency
Ultra absorbency

Cora Organic Cotton Tampon Box

Cora Organic Cotton Tampon Box


Are tampons supposed to be uncomfortable?  No!  Wearing tampons shouldn’t be painful at all.  Make sure you’re doing it right and in the proper place.  Remember there is a correct way to insert a tampon.  Check out these guidelines:

  • If the pain occurs when putting the tampon in: Make sure you are gently sliding the applicator in slowly.  If the vagina is too dry, it can be hurtful.
  • If the pain occurs while the tampon is in: Perhaps, you are not shoving the tampon in far enough to the vagina.  Using a new tampon, try to re-slide it a little deeper.
  • If the pain occurs when taking it out: Tampon is probably too dry.  When the tampon is dampen, it will quickly come out with a pull on the string.  Also, avoid changing it too often.

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