One Major Thing You Should Stop Doing To Your Eyebrows

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Face of the Day


Imagine a world full of people without eyebrows.  A makeup store without eyebrow makeup, eyebrow gel, eyebrow powders and these crazy wide range of brow kits.  If you are familiar with the TV series in the US called, Fringe, I am sure you know the Observers.  One of the most distinctive features of Observers is they lack eyebrows, which made them look more weird to me.  So it’s easy to say that it’s true, having eyebrows has a huge impact on the overall appearance of one’s face.

What if I tell you that one day you lose the hair of your eyebrows, it’s starting to fall out everyday, or worse they stopped growing, would you be frightened?  Of course, you would, right?  When you’ve reached 30s, everything is starting to get old.  Fertility begins to decline at age 30, and many other unescapable changes.  Also, your skin loses its elasticity.  That’s why we do skincare to at least delay the ageing.  And it’s same with the brows.  But no worries, the change happens gradually.  Can you still follow?

You are here reading my entry today because you want to know what one major thing you should stop doing to your eyebrows.  It’s simple!  Stop over-plucking them!  Because over-plucking your brows can harm the follicles underneath the hair.  In short: Permanent damage.

I totally stopped using my tweezer a long time ago because I want to go to the salon for an eyebrow threading service with wild and fully grown eyebrows.  I want a very well spent money and time because if I am just going to pull my newly-grown brows (I am talking about browbone hair here, you know the little hair almost near the crease) beforehand at home, what’s the point?  Anyway, usually the waiting time for me before I have my eyebrows done is between two to three weeks.  Maximum is four weeks.  After a month without a professional threading, I might look like a forest.  *laughs*

I used to care a lot to have clean-looking, nicely-shaped brows all the time when I was younger — probably because most youngsters have low confidence level according to behaviorists — but right now I am proud to know that mine can still be thick that I am in 30s.  I am brave to face the world wearing these heavy brows.  It took me years to finally appreciate this.  Look at my hair abundance between my eyebrows.  They make me feel young and beautiful.  Hihi.

Do you pluck?  Do you do your own eyebrows? Can you go out with thick, undone, unshaped, sparsed eyebrows? Unafraid?  Until next time!

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face primer: benefit porefessional, foundation: pond’s bb cream in beige, blush: mac springsheen, contour: mac taupe; under eye concealer: mac pro longwear in nw30; eyebrows: taupe from lorac pro palette; eye mascara: mac zoom fast black lash; lipstick: revlon colorburst lipstick in crimson

xoxo, laarni

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14 thoughts on “One Major Thing You Should Stop Doing To Your Eyebrows

  1. I wish I had half the brow hair you do, Laarni! My brows are so thin.. even without plucking. LOL They’ve always been, though. I’ve been using serum and stuff here and there to help motivate growth but so far none has really made any major difference. Boo!

  2. I’m lucky to have been able to get my eye brows done professionally over at the Benefit Brow Bar last year for a birthday promotions. Since then, I’ve been “retouching” what they’ve done on me, so that I don’t go overboard and retain that nice shape. It helps to let the professionals step in every once in a while, but I also made sure to inform them that I wanted to keep the brows as thick as possible.
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